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Connecting Heritage

The Heritage Hub @ QUB is an initiative that forms part of the University's 'Engaged Research' strategy and programme. 

The aim of the Hub is to connect external heritage groups, organisations and bodies to university-based researchers, both at Queen's as well as more widely across the university and HE sector, within Northern Ireland, the UK, Ireland and beyond.  

Bridging across Faculty structures and disciplines, the Heritage Hub welcomes all to share our experiences and expertise of heritage research practice and projects, through workshops, events, outreach, training, for mutual benefit, promoting a common belief in 'heritage for all'. 

The Heritage Hub @ QUB is the point of contact for all from the wider community interested in how the past lives on today. This invitation is all-encompassing, for community groups, individuals, as well as policy-makers and professionals across the heritage sector, spanning cultural, natural and built heritage. 

At the core of Heritage Hub is a group of like-minded researchers from different subjects and disciplines at Queen's, whose interests in heritage are reflected in our Hub's six themes. Each of the themes has a pair of academic leads, and each is open to all those wishing to get involved with our Hub's networks, events and projects. 

The Hub is coordinated by Professor Keith Lilley, and the Hub themes are coordinated by Dr Leonie Hannan, Professor Audrey Horning, Dr M. Satish Kumar, Dr Agustina Martire, Dr Will Megarry, and Dr Olwen Purdue. 

Do please join us and contact us!